A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Weather


Taken at the Springfield Greene County Botanical Center during the first real snow we had. It was so cold but so worth it.


I love the bright pink colors of the flowers in this photo.


Taken at the Chicago Botanical Garden, it was like walking through a field of flowers and the smell was heavenly.


This was taken while standing on the porch during a summer thunderstorm. Probably was too safe to stand outside during the storm. Oh well!


My nephew was having so much fun playing in the water in the height of summer. He has so much joy!


Stopped to snap a photo on a whim outside my workplace. I had no idea until I got home how awesome and colorful the shot was.


Taken in the Masters Garden during fall just after it started getting cool enough for the colors to change.


Frost on my window.


Rainbow over the Botanical Garden. It was raining over part of the garden when I took the photo.


Raindrops outside my window.


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