Weekly Photo Challenge – Up







Merriam-Webster defines “up” as in or into a higher position or level. You know, I must confess that I spend lots of time looking up, but not for the reason you might think. It is true that I am quite petite, I come from a long line of petite women. But actually I think I spend so much time looking up because I love to look at the sun, the clouds, the birds in the sky, mostly I think I just enjoy standing in awe of our world, and for me the creator who made it. So yes this group of photos includes clouds, the birds, and flowers, which are all my favorites, but it also includes that stained glass window from my church, the ceiling of the Gillioz Theatre, and something I have never seem before. I was out at the Springfield Nature Center, and while taking a photo of the reflection of the trees on the water, there is what looks like a rainbow around the sun, and so I looked “up” and there it was, this rainbow circle around the sun, it was beautiful, and even though I don’t know what caused it, it was amazing. Enjoy and have a blessed day!


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