Lillie’s on my Mind – May 16th


I have Lillie’s on my mind today, the flower that is. For one reason they are my favorite flower, they have that sweet smell that just reminds me of spring, it’s one of my favorite things. The stargazer is my favorite, white on the edges and deep pink on the inside. Also, they remind me of my Grandma, yesterday would have been here 85th birthday. She was the sweetest lady, she always ha Lillie’s around the house and so for me they bring back such joyous memories of her. So many laughs and hugs, and tears shed when she passed, but they were joyous tears, because I know she is dancing in heaven with Jesus. So even though it is sad she is missing the big moments of life, she probably made the most impact in my life, she showed me how to be a wife and mom, she cultivated a love for nature and she loved the fact that I am more creative then analytical. I remember her praying without ceasing for me and my cousins, and knowing that we needed it. So this and the photos are just a little tribute to Grandma on what would be the start of here 85th year.

Have a blessed day,







4 thoughts on “Lillie’s on my Mind – May 16th

  1. Really nice photos of lilies. Mine are just starting to come up. I think they were stunted my the cold weather so late in April and May. Thanks for the like of my post “Internal Cover Up”.

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