Little Talk – May 28th


Little Talk by Aileen Fisher

Don’t you think it’s probable
that beetles, bugs, and bees
talk about a lot of things –
you know, such things as these:

The kind of weather where they live
in jungles tall with grass
and earthquakes in their villages
whenever people pass!

Of course, we’ll never know if bugs
talk very much at all,
because our ears are far too big
for talk that is so small.


This little guy was full of pollen that he was just sitting there on the ground. He was quite photogenic because of it.



3 thoughts on “Little Talk – May 28th

  1. Love the poem – I do enjoy things that rhyme
    Super pictures. You obviously found an extrovert bee who was happy to have his picture taken – all the bees around here are introverts and ‘buzz off’ the minute you point the camera at them.

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