Weekly Photo Challenge – Horizon


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Horizon. I love this challenge, because that word can be both literal and figurative. Like saying “I see big things on the horizon”. And I do see “big things”. A little scary but none the less big and exciting.

Song – October 23rd


Song by John Keats

I had a dove and the sweet dove died;
And I have thought it died of grieving:
O, what could it grieve for? It was tied,
With a silken thread of my own hand’s weaving;
Sweet little red feet! Why did you die-
Why would you leave me, sweet dove! Why?
You liv’d alone on the forest-tree,
Why, pretty thing! Could you not live with me?
I kiss’d you oft and gave you white peas;
Why not live sweetly, as in the green trees?

1 Year – October 22nd


Oh my, today is my 1 year anniversary on Heather’s Photography. It’s crazy how fast the time goes by! It’s been very exciting to be well received by all of you. I appreciate all the comments and likes. I am so thankful for each and everyone of you who stops by to see what a girl in Missouri is up to. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
In other news, we had a first partial frost here last night and are expecting the really first hard frost this week some time. I do have to say I can handle that, and am very happy to not be our neighbors to the north east, I think I heard something about snow. That’s a four letter word in my book! So I will continue to enjoy the changing leaves and pumpkin everything for as long as I can. On a lighter note, I saw the most beautiful tree on the way to work, deep red. It was beautiful!
Again, thank you for visiting this year!

Have a blessed day!

Untitled – October 21st


As I have gotten older I have come to the realization that relationships are not easy, not at all like the millions of romantic comedies like to tell us. No, they are very, very hard and lots of work. Most of the time I am left wondering why, why must it be so hard? I at times want to get all upset and worried about so many things, but then a very still small voice says don’t be fearful or troubled. I see you and I know you, I know the situation and I know your heart. Don’t be troubled it will be worth it in the end…
It’s the waiting that is hard. So I will go back and ready the Psalms, lots of good things in there. Right now Psalm 46, we will see what tomorrow brings…

Have a blessed day!

Changing Leaves and Changing Seasons – October 14th


There is nothing that clears my head more then being out in nature. A good walk among creation always cheers my heart. And especially right now with that all to familiar chill in the air and the colors that have gone from bright greens to orange, red and yellow. It’s a beautiful thing to see. And it makes me reflect on my life and the changes that are happening in it, some great and some not so great. My soul gets so upset about so many things, especially those things that are out of my control or my plan. Someday I will understand why life is the way it is, but right now all I can do is rest in the arms of a gracious God who is big enough to handle everything an doesn’t mind that I question Him, he can take it. I am thankful for that, so thankful for that. Thankful that he can take it when the guy you like doesn’t like you, thankful when you are so sick that you can’t drive or cook, thankful when your job goes from normal to crazy, thankful when it feels like everything has fallen apart and you can no longer be self-reliant. Thank God that he is so big, and God is good and He is faithful and it goes on through the ages. Wherever you, whatever season it is for you, you are seen and loved.

Have a blessed day!