Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Eerie. There is this place I love to go walk at, it is fully covered in trees and you can here water and wind and animals crushing leaves. But I finally walked on the part long enough to see this abandoned structure.


It’s really quite eerie to me. You can tell by the spray paint that people go out there to throw parties or whatever else it is that they like to do.


The one thing I did notice is it was so quite out there, no wind, no water, no animal sounds, nothing. That made it even more interesting and eerie to me.


It’s funny how abandoned places make your mind wonder to scary things…

Have a blessed day!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Eerie

      • Yes. So here is the challenge: it’s not just about making an image. It’s really about taking what you feel about a place and transferring that particular energy into the photograph so that the viewer “gets” it. It becomes an all-encompassing experience, where the viewer not only sees it, but also feels what you felt. Then you have a winner. You did nicely 😉

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