Fall, Lovely Fall – November 8th


I had a after work diversion yesterday and snapped this photo on my favorite old iron bridge. Such a lovely place and love the views that you can see off this bridge. The colors that you can see from it and just the way it reflects in the water is so amazing!
On a funnier note, my friends and I have a running joke about all things bacon, seriously we find random things that have bacon in them or on them and snap photos and send them to each other. It’s actually pretty funny just how many things have bacon in them! Like burgers, salad dressing, etc. In fact recently I was on a plane and found a throw pillow and blanket that looks like slabs of bacon.


Who know that they make these things! I did not….but I am getting off topic…sorry about that. So anyway, today I found a news story for Bacon Scented Deodorant! That is taking back to a whole new level. One that is kid of gross. Yuck! You can find the story here. If you look at the picture, the deodorant actually says “meaty fresh” on it. All I can say is wow…

The bacon saga continues here in southern Missouri, but with giggles and laughter!

Have a blessed day!


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