Snow, Sleet or Rain – November 25th


It’s out there, lurking…snow, sleet or rain…we are waiting and holding our breath. Mostly because if you know the first snow of the season everyone loses their minds or at least forgets how to drive in the snow.

This photo was snapped when the leaves were still on the trees, before they had fallen on the ground. I just loved how bright and red these leaves were and the red berries were so pretty. What can I say, I love the colors of fall!

On a lighter note, this week brings my second favorite holiday, Thanksgiving! I am so excited, so many things to make and enjoy. Getting to put up my Christmas tree and decorate the house, what can I say I like Christmas. One thing I will not be doing is standing in any lines on Thursday night or Friday! No Black Friday shopping for this girl. I think I am more of a Small Business Saturday girl anyway!

Have a blessed day!