One More Day – November 26th


It’s been so beautiful lately, beautiful but so cold. The first visible breaths of the season. The first hot chocolate will be had tonight as I do my first day of prep for Thanksgiving. So many good things to make and so many leftovers to eat for many days afterward. No shopping though, no lines for me, not in this cold. It would be kind of fun to go and give those people hot tea and warm cookies thought. A little bit of cheer for a season that just gets so busy and full of gift buying and really causes most of us, me included, in missing out on what and who really matters. I want to savor these next weeks, to be drawn into them and the story of it all. I want Christmas to wrap its arms around me like a warm coat, and cause me to just be caught up in it, to be cause up in the birth of my Savior. May you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Have a blessed day!

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