Fields of White – December 9th


The fields are filled with soft white snow, eagerly waiting more that is to come tonight. And here I thought I would be able to travel to Chicago and maybe miss out on snow up there but that is not going to happen. Dang…

One of the thinks I have discovered about myself is my major dislike for the cold. Not that it isn’t beautiful but I just really don’t like to be out in it for massive amounts of time, and I really don’t like it when I have to drive in it. Speaking of driving, my Christmas present this year is 4 brand new tires. I know, not very exciting but practical and very much needed!

I snapped this photo over the weekend standing in the snowy field with my big furry boots on and big puffy jacket and gloves and a scarf and a hat and…I know lots of things on to keep me warm. But even though it was really cold it was worth it because it is beautiful outside.

Have a blessed day!

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