Grandpa – December 18th


So I went on a road trip to Chicago and came back to a very sick Grandpa. In the hospital almost a week and his birthday is Friday. 89 years old. He ha always been so strong and so full of joy but he is so weak right now and it is just hard to see him this way.
I wish I could tell you all about him. I wish he would be around my entire life, he has been like a father to me. I got to hold his hand today for a little bit, these hands that have held mine so many times when I needed to be comforted. These hands who have built things, played golf, hugged and held babies. These hands that have spun me around when we were dancing. These hands that I will miss so much. Praying for a miracle but preparing for mourning…

So many emotions, tears and laughter. But in most ways really just I don’t know, I don’t know what to think or how to feel.

Have a blessed day!


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