Chicago, Again – December 20th


Snapped this shot of beautiful Chicago last weekend. Such a beautiful city! Hope to return soon. I just love walking around this city. I wish I could bottle it and bring some of it back to Missouri with me. But alas, I can’t…

Just in case you are wondering that lovely tall building in the middle of the picture is the Hancock Building. Also has a awesome restaurant in it called the Signature Room, really, really good food. And it has beautiful views of the city at night. The lights of the city actually twinkle, kind of like you are above the stars.

We are prepping for a weekend of rain and freezing rain and thunderstorms down here. Should be very interesting. It’s been so warm here, that 11 inches of snow have vanished in a few days, but that’s what you get when it goes from being really, really cold to the 60’s in a few days. Oh well, you know what they say: if you don’t like the weather, wait an hour it will change. And here comes the rain…

I hope wherever you are the Christmas shopping is done and gifts are wrapped and its a beautiful blue skies day!

Have a blessed day!

7 thoughts on “Chicago, Again – December 20th

  1. Ha… One of my favourite cities in the USA (next to Denver and, funny enough, Baltimore. I remember the street. If you would have turned right and one block further right again is somewhere the house I stayed in (25 odd yrs ago). See that they build new apartments in this street. I used (very un-American) to walk to and from the Pier (there was a wooden boat show at the time) and one of the office buildings next to Hancock. Wonder if the council of Chicago did something nice with the gondolas it once received from their counterpart in Venice (Italy). They were at that time stored and under dust in one of the old (at the time not restored) warehouses on the Pier. If I remember well: right side of the Pier, second building first store room on the right … But than; things have changed in the meantime. Still have very good memories of the windy City! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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