Necessary Endings – January 16th


Sometimes I stand and watch the sun go down, I watch it drift down below the horizon and I wonder if the day that just ended actually amounted to much. And since this year I don’t want to live like that, wondering if my days actually matter, I have decided it means for me so necessary endings. This means that I will no longer be party to the comparison game with my family, not will I live in the place that they h e put me in so many times. I will no longer allow them to make me feel bad because of things that are outside of my control and I will hold them accountable for the things they say that are rude and hurtful. If I am to believe that God loves me, and He does, even on the days I don’t feel like it. Then I cannot allow them to hurt or control or speak junk into my life. The truth is I have been deeply wounded by them, and now it is time to put some boundaries up. Not to protect myself, but in a way to allow myself to heal and to grow and to live in a place of potential. The truth is I never have, I have allowed negative people and negative self talk to rule over my life. Well, I don’t want that anymore. I know that when I stared this blog I thought it would be all about my photography. But it is truly something more to me I guess. A way to get out all the stuff inside that needs to be said. No I do t want this to be a negative place, and hopefully that isn’t what it will become. I want this year to represent changes for the good, hope filled changed, life changes, bold moves and extraordinary friendships. Risk taking, stretching and yes, scary things too!

Goals for this year include:

Growing my photography skills, I mean really challenging myself when it comes to my photography. Not just doing the same thing over and over again, but really discovering what I love about photography.

Growing this blog from something that is just about my photos and really more about life, and not necessarily mine. Still trying to decide if I need to change the name or not…

Being more bold in my friendships.

Really going after what I really want. Even when it scares me to death!

I will add more to this list as I go though the year. But honestly I want to look back on this year next year as the year that was the start of something. The year where I let go and let God. Even when I don’t understand everything that he is doing.

Wow, didn’t know I had that in me.

Have a blessed day!


4 thoughts on “Necessary Endings – January 16th

  1. I will have a blessed day thanks in part because of you. God knows what we need to hear and when it is relevant and best received. I have many of the same goals and “issues”. So hang in there and let God guide your thoughts and day, they always turn out better that way.

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