The Views Are For Free – January 23rd


The last couple of mornings and evenings have been cold but the views have been glorious. I like to call them technicolor clouds. I have to thank God for them because it really is how I connect with Him. I snapped this shot while I was filling my gas tank, and I was struck with how beautiful it was. It reminds me that I sometimes feel like each beautiful thing I see in nature is like a bear hug from God. It’s like he is saying look at what I have done, isn’t it gorgeous, and remember that you are so much more beautiful and important to me. What a wondrous thought that He cares so much. Even when life is hard, I have to think He is all that much closer to you when you are in the midst of the valley.

On a completely unrelated topic I saw the most beautiful picture of peace in the midst of the protests in the Ukraine. You can see it here. What a image to see this priest standing in between the protesters and the security forces. I just can’t get over it. It’s very true that blessed are the peacemakers.

Have a blessed day!


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