Irresistible – January 24th


“Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired” ~ Robert Frost

How I love this quote by Robert Frost. I think in some ways we all want that, to be irresistibly desired. Sadly sometimes though we put that desire for love in so many wrong places, I know I do that. I put it everywhere except where it belongs, with the God who loves my soul, with the God who saved me, with the God who does irresistibly love me. Who shows His love for me on a daily basis.

I snapped this shot yesterday morning, it was so beautiful, a bright sunrise through the trees. I love my drive to work, even on cold mornings, I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face, like a warm hand. You know like when your Dad cradles your face in his hands. I love that feeling, or in my case when my Grandpa does it. So much love for me, and so many sweet moments, especially after 15 days in the hospital when he didn’t really know who I was. But the day he started feeling better, he gave me the biggest hug and cradled my face in his hands and said I missed you. Love that! I can honestly say I have the best Grandpa, and I appreciate every moment I get with him. So may all of you be blessed with a special moment today and my you feel irresistibly desired.

Have a blessed day!


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