German Cookies – February 27th


Yesterday’s new thing was trying several varieties of German cookies. Chocolate covered, puffy pastry with current filling, and butter cookies. I don’t thing I have ever had currents before, they have a little bit of tangy-ness. They were good, not overly sweet.

Have a blessed day!


Chocolate Eclair – February 26th


So today I tried a chocolate eclair, a light pastry filled with light vanilla cream and topped with chocolate icing. Very yummy my friends, and not overly sweet. Recently I have tried some things that have been very, very sweet but this was not. That is very good!

Have a blessed evening!

It’s Supposed to be Snowing – February 26th


So the funny story is I took this photo to prove a point. You know you can have those widgets or apps on your computer that tell you the weather. Well today the one on my work computer was wrong and I mean wrong!


Please notice that it says it is snowing, but as you can see from the first photo it is obviously not! Hilarious! I do so enjoy technology at times. On a lighter note, it was beautiful and sunny outside today and that was nice. Takes great photos doesn’t it?

Have a blessed evening!

Hands of Hope – February 25th


Today’s new thing was to go serve at Hands of Hope where you pack meals that go to children all over the world through a organization called Convoy of Hope. Not only does this organization help internationally with feeding the under resourced but they also handle disaster relief, everything from helping with tornado devastation here in the Midwest to helping people in the Philippians to Japan to, well you name it they have probably responded to help. They do community outreach, women’s empowerment and rural compassion. They started here in Springfield in 1994 and currently serve 113 countries around the world. How awesome in that! If you want more information please visit their website here.


I got to pack pasta tonight and it was awesome, met new people in the process and that is always fun.


Have a blessed evening!

Wisdom in Words – February 25th


“Beware of no man more than yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us.” ~ G. K. Chesterton

This is such a true quote, how many times a day do I struggle with being really quite negative in my thinking about myself. And sadly it is so pervasive in everyone really, I was just talking to a friend over the weekend about this same thing. We need to realize how important our words to ourselves really area. Don’t tear yourself down, build yourself up today!

Have a blessed day!

Beef Jerky – February 24th


Today’s new thing, Beef Jerky! Living where I do I am honestly surprised I haven’t tried this before now, but hey I am learning to be brave. I will say though I combined today’s new thing with a chocolate chai latte and that is probably not the best combination. Oops!
I am not the biggest meat eater, and so I did not exactly love today’s new thing, nothing against the maker of the jerky or anything. But I am really looking forward to taking the left overs to work tomorrow, because I know they will be appreciated.

Have a blessed evening!

Ozark Square at Night – February 23rd


It’s my Birthday today! So many new things to try and do!

One of today’s new things was to do a little bit of night photography at the Ozark Square. So many beautiful historic buildings! Loved walking around and enjoying the architecture and seeing how much they have going on down there.

Also, tried several new foods today, chocolate covered acai berries, madeleines (really good, sponge type cookies, highly recommended), a sandwich from Firehouse Subs (brisket and cheddar) and a cookies and cream donut!


Firehouse Subs was really cute too!


It’s been a really full day, now time for some precious sleep!

Have a blessed evening!

Missouri Hotel – February 22nd


Today’s new thing was to go and serve the people of the Missouri Hotel. It is a place for the homeless of my city to go while they are getting ready to be placed in a more permanent home. It was fun to go and play games with them and to pray for their needs and to just be with them, to hear their stories and to build community. Definitely something I will be doing again.

Have a blessed evening!