Springfield Art Museum – March 9th


I went to our local art museum for the first time yesterday. One of my new things this week! Best part of the entire thing is you can go anytime you want because this place it free. They had all these beautiful watercolors and paintings by local artists and sculptures. I want to sit there and just absorb all the art and creativity.


They had this display of beautiful original Audubon prints of all kinds of animals. It was fascinating.


Loved this one of the squirrels! So cute.

Have a blessed evening!

Afternoon Exploration – March 9th


Snapped this image while exploring at the local botanical garden. It was so warm and beautiful, a bright sun shining kind of day. The sure sign that spring is coming because all the trees are starting to bud. It is beautiful! I have so much expectation about spring and the beauty of it.

Have a blessed evening!