C Street – March 11th


Ever since I went down and served at the Missouri Hotel, C Street has been on my heart. It is a place that can use a revival and since it is in the middle of Springfield it is starting to be a meeting place for the cool folks. It has been interesting to mingle with everyone that calls C Street home. Just a couple thoughts today, where my heart is.

Oh and if you were wondering, I still go done on a weekly basis and serve at the Missouri Hotel. It is one of the things I did as a new thing that has become a regular activity.

Have a blessed day!


12 thoughts on “C Street – March 11th

  1. I love these old downtowns. It’s funny. It doesn’t matter where I go if I’m in California, Alabama or Missouri… they’ll look the same and all are a bit depressing as I know that once they were filled with excitement and hope and now seem to exude neglect and loneliness. I hope the cool kids bring life back to your C Street!

    • I think they do all kind of look the same, and I agree, most of them are kind of dying. But ours seems to be thriving. We have been praying for it and it seems like we are commented to being down there. Our community is really into the shop local and eat local so that’s good!

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