Creating Art – March 24th


I have found this new creative blog called This Is Colossal. And it has inspired me to create a new art piece for my home. It is inspired by this art instillation . So over the weekend I was scouring old book stores and flea markets for books filled with photos of flowers and butterflies. And what you are seeing is the start of the process of removing the flora and butterflies from the pages. I have several more to go but I am excited about what it will look like soon. It will be worth sore hands.

I love creating things, whether it is watercolors or paper craft or beading or cooking. It’s all creating to me. It feeds my soul and removes stress. Recently one of the new things that I am doing is something called art journaling for Lent. It is a Facebook group and we share what we have created from the prompts we are given. It is lovely to see all the art and to create something that is related to Jesus. Loving it.

“You see things; and you say, Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say, Why not?” ~ George Bernard Shaw

“Creativity is contagious, pas it on.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” ~ Robert Bresson

Go out and create something today!

Daffodil Days – March 24th


For those of you that are still having cold weather and snow, these are for you. A small gift to you from Southwest Missouri. I am hoping for all of you the snow and cold is over soon. I spoke to a friend in Chicago last night and they said they were expecting more snow today or tomorrow and I just feel so bad for them. So here is a little bit of Spring from my corner of the world to your corner, wherever that may be. If you want to shout out where you are that would be great. I love hearing about new places!

Have a blessed day!

Icelandic Skyr – March 24th


My breakfast this morning is something new, it is Skyr. It is a dairy product like yogurt, but maybe a little thicker and has an almost smoother creamer texture. It has that bite that I would expect with like a Greek yogurt. It is actually really good, I like it’s texture and flavor. I am looking forward to trying the blueberry, wish I could try the strawberry but I am allergic. Oh well, I will just need to have someone else tell me how it tastes.

Have a blessed day!