Spring is Amazing – April 2nd


We have had an amazing string of sunsets and sunrises recently. I was walking into the grocery store when I saw this. Beautiful, just love to stand in awe of it. And the people who were around me actually noticed that I was staring at the sunset and decided to stare at it too. At least some people notice beauty when it is right in front of them. The sad part is most people are so busy or distracted that they are missing out on so many things. And I have been guilt of this myself, but I have chosen recently to slow down my soul, and to stand in awe more, to enjoy bike rides and walks and the sound of birds and wind in the trees. I think everyone just needs to take a brake an notice some real beauty, might help our stress levels. I know it helps mine. I have come to discover that creating for me is a life saver. Whether it is cooking, photography, design or art, it helps my soul tremendously. So I hope that whatever you are doing today, that you get the chance to just stand in awe of something.

By the way, love this quote:

“Post more about the things you love instead of the things you don’t.” ~ Kid President

Have a blessed day!