Learning New Things – April 15th


This is Grape Hyacinth, I didn’t know that. But I asked when I posted it in Facebook and one of my lovely friends told me what it is. So I learned something. I am not the best at identifying flowers or plants but I am trying to get better at it. I when out and bought a couple books to help me identify flowers this season and I am so excited, so I guess that’s a new thing for me.
Also, I was planning on getting up to see the Blood Moon or Lunar Eclipse this morning and I slept right through my alarm, dang. Thankfully I know some of my friends were out I the cold and I will get to see what they shot. Oh well, I will have to wait until later this year when I believe we have another one.

Have a blessed day!

PS: Special thanks to Mitza for correcting my error, hyacinth not hydrangea. See it’s a learning process everyday! Her blog can be found here if you would like to visit. Lovely photography and jewelry over there! 😊