A Early Evening Walk – April 17th


I took a chilly early evening walk yesterday and saw this huge row of blossoms. Lovely as the sun was setting and the light was fading. I had that thought when I first set out that I should grab my coat and didn’t, so hence the chilly walk. But even more funny was there were several people doing something called the “cold water challenge”. Don’t know what it is but it required them to jump in the water and that water was cold so no not something I would be doing anytime soon! Interesting what the young folk are doing these days, kind of makes you giggle. But back to my walk and the beautiful sunset and getting to see some cute deer. So much fun. Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone, I will be helping at the huge egg search at church, should be a blast. And then making my beautiful Easter brunch, stay tuned for photos.

Have a blessed day!