Flags and Blossoms – April 29th


This photo took a patriotic turn, wasn’t meant to, but the pink blossoms against the blues sky, and the flags blowing in the wind made for a beautiful picture. Snapped this photo over the weekend, on Saturday afternoon. Before Sunday brought storms that devastated many areas close to where I live. It is that time of the year. I live in such a beautiful place, warm and green. But right now we all listens to the weather reports a little more and watch the skies a little more. Wanting to be prepared for whatever may be thrown at us. We had rain with sunshine yesterday in the early evening. It is what it is. Sometimes you get rainbows and sometimes you get nickel sized hail. If you think about it, maybe say a prayer for all those who suffered loss on Sunday and Monday. And hoping that wherever you are you are safe.

Have a blessed day!

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