That Day… – May 6th


I have decided that I need to learn to charge my camera battery on a more regular basis. I learned that lesson this weekend while out taking photos on Saturday. I’m clicking away until nothing. And in my mind I’m like why isn’t this stupid camera taking photos, there is no reason it shouldn’t be working. And this I look at the screen and it’s black; except for the message that says “battery needs charged”. Oops! So let that be your lesson for the day, charge those batteries…

By the way this phot was snapped at this little garden we have in Springfield. It’s called the Xeriscape Garden. Just this little garden on the corner of a National Avenue, right next to a church. But it is stunning, filled to the brim with flowers and plants.


Now if the grass would not make my eyes itch or cause my nose to sneeze that would be great. But this season is still to stunning to have my allergies keep me in doors!

Have a blessed day and fully charged batteries!