A Nature Center Walk – May 15th


Took my first walk at the Nature Center this last weekend. It was beautiful and green. And as I stooped over to take a photo of some beautiful wildflowers I heard the sound of leaves rustling to my right. Didn’t pay to much attention but the I kept hearing the sound. When I finally did look to my right it was just in time to see a very large black snake coming down off the hill right next to that very pretty wildflower. I let out a scream and ran as fast as I could in the other direction! I don’t like snakes, at all! And by the time I saw this one it was the second one I had seen over the weekend and I had had my fill. I realize they are beneficial but I still don’t like them and will continue to not like them. Yuck!
All that to say, be careful out there. You never know when a snake might be right next to what you are taking a picture of.

Have a blessed day!


4 thoughts on “A Nature Center Walk – May 15th

  1. I’m with you Heather as far as snakes go. I found a big Pine snake coiled up in my front yard while cleaning out leaves. I think I will just let the leaves be since I don’t want to go anywhere near there now. You got a nice picture before it scared you off anyway!

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