Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist


This weeks weekly photo challenge is Twist. You can find information about it here. For me this usually means a surprise. Most of the time pretty good, but sometimes bad or scary. As some of you know I love in Southwest Missouri and it can be pretty rural down here as soon as you leave the city. Well, a few weeks ago I was helping my grandpa clean out one of his barns, and so this meant opening boxes to see what was in them. So, I’m minding my own business opening boxes, and what pops out of one if the boxes, well I guess slithering out, a big black snake! Let me tell you I dropped that box and ran screaming in the other direction.
So these photos would be along that same line. Sorry didn’t get a photo of the snake, but did get a photo of the pretty peony I was smelling that had a big spider in it!


Never a dull moment in this place, that’s all I have to say!

Have a blessed day!

By the way, my furry little friend is a jumping spider…

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist

  1. Really nice photos! I have developed a new love for blacksnakes since I learned that they eat copperheads. I even stopped my car today to let a blacksnake cross the road. Apparently, the more blacksnakes we have, the fewer copperheads, and last summer we had too many copperheads for my liking! (I still scream when I see a snake no matter what kind it is. lol)

    • Thanks! It’s the same here, but I would like them better if they would stay hidden. But yes less copperheads and more blacksnakes! Have a awesome day!!

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