Chicago Was… – September 23rd


Chicago was beautiful to me while I was there, filled with people from all over the world, so many dreams dreamed, so many hopes. But I think In some ways the beauty of the city covers up some of it’s problems from the sadness and darkness of the city. And honestly when I lived there I don’t think I really noticed all the shootings and violence, but now I do and it’s shocking to me. I don’t even know why I am writing this post, I don’t even know why I care, and yet I do. Really hoping that one day Chicago will be the city of beauty it pretends to be, and a city that isn’t scared by violence.


These pictures bring me hope though. It is such a beautiful place. The starting place of my family and my story. I miss it, I do. But I don’t know that I will ever live in this great city again. And that in some ways make me sad, but also hopeful of what is to come. Even when I can’t see it.


Praying for peace not just in Chicago but all over the world. And in my soul as well…

Have a blessed day!


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