A Wall in the Woods – October 30th


So over the weekend my friends and I went on a hike in a state forest just south of where I live. It was so fun, our fall foliage has jut been amazingly colorful this year. And so it was fun to walk in the woods, to hear leaves rustle and have the smell of fall in your nose. You know the smell I am talking about, a combination of leaves and must. That and the combination of sound of leaves trampled under foot is once of the best parts of fall. Also, since this is southwest Missouri, it was like 85 degrees. So we walked and talked, and laughed. We stopped at a place where a underground spring bubbles up and cooled out feet in the water. And we breathed deeply the woods, and felt our souls relax from the crazy busy of our lives for a while. And all was calm and peaceful until we ran into a giant spider!


Would you look at that, isn’t that just the stuff of nightmares right there? Yup Missouri has GIANT spiders. By the way, that’s not my hand, I wouldn’t let that think touch me for a million dollars. Nope!

But back to the pretty fall foliage that will calm me down…


Have a blessed day!


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