The Snow Falls Like Glitter – January 2nd


So, I am sitting at work and I feel the sun on my face. This is interesting because we have had snow and clouds for the last day and a half. But there was a break in the clouds and the snow was shining through. I turned my head and looked out the window and it looked like it was snowing glitter. Floating down from the sky, breathtaking! I sat and watched it for the entire time it was like that. You know, I could have ignored the sun, but I didn’t and it reminded me just how much I love creation. The beauty of it just fills my soul. And honestly sometimes I just stand there and say thank you God, what a beautiful thing you have given us.

I hope that you will see something that fills your soul today with awe and wonder, something breathtaking!

Have a blessed day!

Ps. The photo doesn’t do what I saw justice…

Happy New Year – January 1st


🎉🎉🎉Happy New Year!!! 🎉🎉🎉

I hope that everyone had a very blessed and safe New Year. Mine was great, plans were changed, party moved to my house and after 20 days in the hospital my Grandpa is much much better and home. Best New Years gift ever!!

The sunset photo was taken last night, a very beautiful and colorful sunset to end 2013 and usher in 2014.


We partied, watched fireworks from my second floor and played games.


I have determined that I will post each day for the next month. And to challenge what I take photos of. So that is my January goal, and I am excited.

I hope all of you have a blessed 2014, looking forward to seeing what it brings.

Have a blessed day!