Lingering Thoughts – October 14th


So I have been really bad about posting here lately. Life has a way of getting in the way if you know what I mean. But wanted to share some photos from the summer that have been lingering in my mind, mostly because it has been cold and rainy here for the last couple of days.





I snapped all of these photos while on vacation in Chicago in August. Oh to go back to those warm days…

A girl can dream right?

Have a blessed day!


Love Affair – August 21st


I have been having a love affair with all the lily’s that have been in bloom recently. They are stunning and smell heavenly. I snapped this beauty at the Chicago Botanical Garden last week. Heavenly place, and must visit for anyone who goes to Chicago during the spring and summer.

Have a blessed day!

Ruffles – June 25th


I love the soft ruffles that daylily’s have. Beautiful ruffled edges with petals that sparkle in the sun. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

In July I will be in Chicago for vacation, I’m getting really excited. The opportunity to be in that city and drink in the culture and sounds and sights. How exciting and how I need to break from busy life. But in the mean time I shall enjoy my lovely garden community and blue skies.

Have a blessed day!

Art Project – May 2nd


Some of you know that I have been working on a art project for my house, so here is a little update. After asking you and some of my Facebook friends which back ground color they liked the most, I thought well I am just going to make this project bigger. Initially I was planning on just one canvas, but now I will have one Big canvas; which will have the white background that was so popular and several smaller canvas’ with different color backgrounds. I have spend the last couple days working on the smaller ones, two are done so far.


I am really, really excited about how they are looking. I am going to have a garden on my wall year around and it’s going to be movable. More pictures to come as more pieces are put together and I promise I will post a photo of it on the wall when it is complete. So to all of you who commented, thank you! It made me change my plans a little and that’s always good!

Have a blessed day!

Learning New Things – April 15th


This is Grape Hyacinth, I didn’t know that. But I asked when I posted it in Facebook and one of my lovely friends told me what it is. So I learned something. I am not the best at identifying flowers or plants but I am trying to get better at it. I when out and bought a couple books to help me identify flowers this season and I am so excited, so I guess that’s a new thing for me.
Also, I was planning on getting up to see the Blood Moon or Lunar Eclipse this morning and I slept right through my alarm, dang. Thankfully I know some of my friends were out I the cold and I will get to see what they shot. Oh well, I will have to wait until later this year when I believe we have another one.

Have a blessed day!

PS: Special thanks to Mitza for correcting my error, hyacinth not hydrangea. See it’s a learning process everyday! Her blog can be found here if you would like to visit. Lovely photography and jewelry over there! 😊

Perfect Light – April 3rd


Sometimes you snap a photo at the right time. Perfect lighting or reflection or action shot, and you just know. This is one for me. A little bit of comfort as we wait patiently for some strong storms that are expected today. There was already a tornado this morning in St. Louis, praying for all who have damage to their homes or cars. That’s the only thing that is not the best about living in Southwest Missouri, storms. And we get some bad ones, so you might say a prayer for all who are under warnings or watches today and tonight.

Have a blessed day!

If you need some Spring… – March 31st


If you need some spring and some flowers we are willing to share. I think we have enough to go around. It’s not even April yet and things are starting to bloom like crazy around here. But trust me I am not complaining! I love it, we are going to have a string of days with 70 digress or higher and sunshine. It was so beautiful here yesterday that I pulled my bike out for the first ride of the season. And I was not the only one, the bike path was packed with bikes, walkers and runners enjoying a glorious day in the Ozarks. And the weather gave me the chance to yesterday pull out the #sorryChicago hashtag for all my lovely fiends who are still freezing. Poor things. Oh well, maybe it will be warm there in August…

Have a blessed day!