Foggy Morning – October 6th


It was such a beautiful rainy morning yesterday. The rain was so cold that it made the lake foggy and beautiful, almost like walking among the clouds. These light white wisps of fog lifting off the lake. How I love when I live and the beauty of the nature that surrounds me.

Have a blessed evening!

Lake Springfield – July 16th


There is this lovely spot at Lake Springfield where you can walk up and look out over the lake. It is beautiful and in the trees and you almost feel like you are on top of the world! It was quite when I went up this weekend, no one was up there, so I had the place all to my self. Even more fun was the activity of dragonflies zipping past me to places unknown!
Have a blessed day!

Beautiful Butterflies, Series 11 – June 12th


Today’s Butterfly is the Northern Cloudywing. It is a skipper, they get that name for their quick, darting flight habits. They get their food from nectar, usually from blue, purple, pink or white flowers.


Have a blessed day!