Rain Drops on a Yellow Lily – August 4th


It has rained here the last couple of days. So yesterday I took a wall at the botanical gardens; with a umbrella; and snapped some rather lovely shots.
Have a blessed day!


The Night Will Never Stay – July 27th


The Night Will Never Stay by Eleanor Farjeon

The night will never stay,
The night will still go by,
Though with a million stars
You pin it to the sky;
Though you bind it with the blowing wind
And buckle it with the moon,
The night will slip away
Like sorrow or a tune.

Lily Garden – July 24th


I love Lillies, they are my favorite flower. I so enjoy going to the Lily Garden and just sitting in the gazebo they have and sit in the atmosphere of it all. I have loved Lillies since I was a child. I can remember every Easter my Grandma would have these beautiful lily plants in her house. I can remember how much she just enjoyed them. And I can remember the sweet smell. I imagine I enjoy them so much because they remind me of her. So for me, every time I sit in that garden it makes me smile and remember good memories of childhood. May you be blessed with good memories today.

Have a blessed day!

Barefoot Days – July 5th


Barefoot Days by Rachel Field

In the morning, very early,
That’s the time I love to go
Barefoot where the fern grows curly
And the grass is cool between each toe,
On a summer morning – O!
On a summer morning!

That is when the birds go by
Up the sunny slopes of air,
And each rose has a butterfly
Or a golden bee to wear;
And I am glad in every toe-
Such a summer morning-O!
Such a summer morning!

July : The Succession of the Four Sweet Months – July 1st


July : The Succession of the Four Sweet Months by Robert Herrick

First, April, she with mellow showers
Opens the way for early flowers;
Then after her comes smiling May,
In a more rich and sweet array;
Next enters June, and brings us more
Gems than those two, that went before:
Then, lastly, July comes, and she
More wealth brings in than all those three.