True Beauty – June 9th


Been thinking about beauty a lot lately. Mostly because I at times don’t feel like a beauty queen, at least by the world’s standards. But I often wonder why we are so hard on ourselves. I think this was triggered by seeing a Facebook post by a friend. She was watching the Miss America pageant and posted that after watching it she needed to start eating more salads. And honestly my heart hurt, hurt for her and for a world that praises physical beauty like it’s the only thing that matters. How sad for us, honestly we are missing out on the best parts of people by only looking at the outside. Here’s a good analogy, let’s say that what we look like on the outside is the “wrapping paper” and what’s on the inside; our heart, talents, kindness; is the “gift”. Don’t we usually throw the wrapping paper away? If that’s the case we are missing out on the best parts of people if we are only looking at the “wrapping paper”.

Now back to my Facebook friend, she is a artist when it comes to cake! I mean a artist. They are amazing! If you were only looking at the outside you would miss her artist’s heart, her creativity, how she helps people, how she is someone’s daughter. How sad it would be to not know this about her, to dismiss her because of her “wrapping paper”.

Now I am not bashing people who are physically beautiful. But there has to be more to a person then the outside and the outside should not be praised to the point that it is. Because how many of us look through a magazine and get completely deflated because we can’t compete with that. Because those images aren’t realistic. I want to live in a society where I am known and valued for more then my “wrapping paper”, where I am seen for my heart, for how I love my friends and family, how I give my time, how my heart hurts for those who are discouraged.

Even now as I write this I am emotional, so emotional that I am holding back tears. Because this issue is something near to my heart my entire life. I have watched so many friends beat themselves up over this, I have best myself up over this. And so over time I have started to encourage the friends in my life, because they matter, they have value and their value shouldn’t be connected to their “wrapping paper”.

So today let’s encourage those who are around you, it may not be because of their physical looks but everyone needs encourage about something. Be it a dream, job, relationship; everyone needs a kind word. So today let’s do that, let’s encourage our friends and family and even our neighbors. Kind words mean so much.

Have a blessed day!