Enough of Winter Already – March 5th

So I’ve had enough of this winter white stuff already. So here are some photos from last Spring to remind me and You that Spring is coming along soon!

You’re welcome!


So Much Beauty – April 16th


There are so many different varieties of daffodils, I had no idea. These lovelies are at our local botanical garden. I have been going there so much lately, I love to stroll around the lake and sit in the sun and listen to the birds and bugs. What can I say, it’s my favorite time of year! Tonight we have no prayer service and so I am going to go down to the farmers market and get my stuff for Easter brunch.

Have a blessed day!

A Weekend At The Lake – April 14th


Spent the weekend at the lake, and it was glorious! We had such a beautiful weekend but today we have the chance for freezing and I saw some flake of snow this morning. And just when I thought the cold was over. But back to the lake, it was beautiful, I loved standing on the beach with the wind whipping past my ears and the sun on my face.

Have a blessed day!