The Noise Of Waters – August 7th


The Noise Of Waters by James Joyce

All day I hear the noise of waters
Making moan,
Sad as the sea-bird is, when going
Forth alone,
He hears the winds cry to the waters’

The grey winds, the cold winds are blowing
Where I go.
I hear the noise of many waters
Far below.
All day, all night I hear them flowing
To and fro.

Waterfalls and Rubber Boots – May 7th





A little over a year ago I decided I wanted to get a pair of those popular rubber boots. They are everywhere, they come in tons of colors and are so fashionable right now. But my reasons for wanting them weren’t for fashion but actually for the reason they are meant to be used for, walking around in the mud and muck.
My Grandpa lives about an hour and half north of where I do, in this little rural town on a farm. And this usually includes helping him with tons of things a city girl isn’t generally good at. Like operating a chainsaw, driving tractors and stuff like that. The thing that makes it even more funny is I am rather petite, I do wish someone would have taken a photo of me with the chainsaw; it was about as big as me; maybe the next time.
All this to say that those rubber boots came in hand when I decided I wanted to take some photos of the waterfalls near the James River. By the way my boots are a really pretty green and are actually the work kind.
Have a blessed day!

The James River – May 1st







Happy May 1st, and happy May Day to those who celebrate it. I hope it is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here is southwest Missouri. It is so green here right now, and everyone is outside riding bikes and walking and fishing. I hope that this is the start of a next beautiful couple of months and a warm summer, although not to hot, it does get so humid here. Oh well! Have a blessed day!