Weekly Photo Challenge – Descent


So this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Descent. When I think of descending I think of all the thing I have climbed to get the best shot. And case in point, climbed this staircase to get this shot this weekend:


If you would like to participate in the challenge you can find information here.

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreamy


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Dreamy. If you want to find out more about the challenge or see other posts please visit The Daily Post http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/dreamy/

When I think of Dreamy I think of sunrises or sunsets. So here are a couple I saw in the last week or so.




And this last one only because the color was so “dreamy”…


Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Nighttime. I really don’t do much photography at night, but I found a couple photos in my library that were taken at night, so here they are. If you would like to find more info about the challenges or participate you can find it http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/nighttime/



All photos are from some of my favorite places. The first is from a late night walk along the Chicago lakefront and the other two are from Art Walk in downtown Springfield.

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity


This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Humanity. You can find out info on the challenge http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/humanity/

When I saw the photos that were used this week, they reminded me of my travels to South Africa for a missions trip and all the lovely people I met while there. So here are some of there cute faces!




The last one, this little boy had the best smile and he showed me how to do frog jumps, so that was awesome!


If you ever get the chance to visit South Africa, you should. I loved it!

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Adventure


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Adventure! The idea is to take people of a adventure through your photos. I can do that!

If you would like to find out about the challenges or participate you can do that here.

The photo at the top was taken while on a road trip from Southwest Missouri to Chicago a couple weeks ago. It’s quite curvy and hilly in the Ozarks. And for most of the trip we were driving through rain and really heavy clouds and fog, but for about a minute we got to the top of a big hill and drove out of the clouds and there was the morning sunrise! Blue and pink and soft clouds, so beautiful and so unexpected. And then we drove back into the clouds and fog for the rest of the drive.


This picture was taken about a month ago. I have always wanted to go kayaking but have had much fear of it. Mostly the getting tipped over or getting lost. But on this day I decided to kick fear in the face and did it! And it was awesome!


And one more. This photo was taken down at the Chicago Lakefront at night. And that’s the adventure, I went down at night. I normally don’t do that. It was fun to walk along the trail and listen to the sounds of the city and hear wave crash, and then walk to close to the lake side of the trail and get drenched. Oops! But it was fun!

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fray

This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Fray, even though I am a little bit late this week. You can find more info about the Weekly Photo Challenges at The Daily Post.

I saw these beautiful sunflowers out for a walk last weekend, their stems looked frayed to me. What do you think?




Have a blessed evening!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Twist


This weeks weekly photo challenge is Twist. You can find information about it here. For me this usually means a surprise. Most of the time pretty good, but sometimes bad or scary. As some of you know I love in Southwest Missouri and it can be pretty rural down here as soon as you leave the city. Well, a few weeks ago I was helping my grandpa clean out one of his barns, and so this meant opening boxes to see what was in them. So, I’m minding my own business opening boxes, and what pops out of one if the boxes, well I guess slithering out, a big black snake! Let me tell you I dropped that box and ran screaming in the other direction.
So these photos would be along that same line. Sorry didn’t get a photo of the snake, but did get a photo of the pretty peony I was smelling that had a big spider in it!


Never a dull moment in this place, that’s all I have to say!

Have a blessed day!

By the way, my furry little friend is a jumping spider…

Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Spring!!! I am so excited about this because to me Spring means flowers, blue skies and time outside.

You can find more information or post an entry for this weeks challenge at The Daily Post.







Sorry, I went a little crazy with the photos, but I have taken so many recently.

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is all about Reflections. More information or if you want to participate you can find it here. Personally I love this challenge. It’s always so cool when you can capture a good reflection in something, mostly mine are in the water but they are lovely. I think I have a good capture from each season. Enjoy!




Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Abandoned


When I saw that the challenge this was Abandoned I couldn’t help but thing of this place. Abandoned and covered in graffiti, and in the middle of the woods. The only sounds that you can hear out there are the sounds of cars on the highway. Slowly but surly the nature is taking it over. That’s what happens when something is abandoned, the trees and weeds take over and break walls and stairs.

I think it is only abandoned during the day, because it is littered with beer cans and broken bottles. I think kids go out here at night and do whatever it is that kids do. As for me I will just visit during the day.

You can find more about the Weekly Photo Challenge here.


Have a blessed day!