Learning New Things – April 15th


This is Grape Hyacinth, I didn’t know that. But I asked when I posted it in Facebook and one of my lovely friends told me what it is. So I learned something. I am not the best at identifying flowers or plants but I am trying to get better at it. I when out and bought a couple books to help me identify flowers this season and I am so excited, so I guess that’s a new thing for me.
Also, I was planning on getting up to see the Blood Moon or Lunar Eclipse this morning and I slept right through my alarm, dang. Thankfully I know some of my friends were out I the cold and I will get to see what they shot. Oh well, I will have to wait until later this year when I believe we have another one.

Have a blessed day!

PS: Special thanks to Mitza for correcting my error, hyacinth not hydrangea. See it’s a learning process everyday! Her blog can be found here if you would like to visit. Lovely photography and jewelry over there! 😊

Hamantash – March 31st


Over the weekend I my new thing was a place and a food, I went to this new bakery in Springfield called Legacy Bagelry and tried a Hamantash. I also got a wild blueberry bagel, but back to the Hamantash, which was absolutely delicious, it’s a filled pocket pastry, not sure what the filling was, either blueberry or date, maybe prune. But oh my gosh, it is now my new favorite thing.



More information about Springfield’s newest bakery can be found here.

Have a blessed day!

Icelandic Skyr – March 24th


My breakfast this morning is something new, it is Skyr. It is a dairy product like yogurt, but maybe a little thicker and has an almost smoother creamer texture. It has that bite that I would expect with like a Greek yogurt. It is actually really good, I like it’s texture and flavor. I am looking forward to trying the blueberry, wish I could try the strawberry but I am allergic. Oh well, I will just need to have someone else tell me how it tastes.

Have a blessed day!

Springfield Art Museum – March 9th


I went to our local art museum for the first time yesterday. One of my new things this week! Best part of the entire thing is you can go anytime you want because this place it free. They had all these beautiful watercolors and paintings by local artists and sculptures. I want to sit there and just absorb all the art and creativity.


They had this display of beautiful original Audubon prints of all kinds of animals. It was fascinating.


Loved this one of the squirrels! So cute.

Have a blessed evening!

The Vintage Bookstore – March 1st


Today’s new thing was to go to a store right down the street from where I live called Hooked on Books. It was full of vintage books! I love the smell of a good old book. To hold them in my hands and read the words off of yellowed pages.


These were my two new purchases today: The Poetry of Robert Frost and Audubon Bird Guide.


And I love the beautiful vintage drawings!

Have a blessed day!