Good Morning – September 11th


Today is a sad day, not only for the families of all who died on this day in 2001, but for a much different reason for my family. On this day in 2004 a very much loved Grandma passed away after a very length battle with cancer. She was a hero in the lives of everyone in my family and so it seems quite fitting that she passed on a day that so many other Heroes passed too.
There is one tidbit from this day that will stay with me forever. My Grandparents had a very lengthy marriage, over 50 years. And on the day she passed after the hospice nurse left my Grandpa and Grandma had one of the most special moments of their marriage. She was having a rough day, very uncomfortable, and she was sitting on the couch. She got very cold so my Grandpa bundled her up with a blanket to warm her up. And he sweetly took her face in his hands and uttered these words that I will never forget, “you will always be my girl, the love of my life”. How comforting that must have been for her, soon after she slipped into eternity. Even now as I write this tears are feeling my eyes. She is so missed, but I know eventually I will see her again.
So wherever you are, whatever you are experiencing today, be it grief or joy, know that you are seen and loved.

Have a very blessed day everyone!

Ps. The reason for the Lily pictures is they were her favorite flowers and mine too.