Epic Sunset – July 21st

Missouri has given me some epic, colorful sunsets the last couple of days. It’s like the sky knows. And it has been magnificent! 

So a little update to a post a few months ago about how my life is. I can finally say that on August 15th I pack my life into some shipping containers and move to Phoenix, Arizona! I am unbelievably excited and a little scared all at the same time. Moving is overwhelming and moving so far is really overwhelming. But it is absolutely the right decision, because as I have talked and prayed about it the question I kept getting was; If you stay where you are, will you be disappointed down the road? And every time that question got asked the answer was yes. So I am going, and it’s bittersweet because I can honestly say I have the best group of friends here a girl could ask for and an amazing church community. But the best part about friends is they will still be my friends even though I’m not in the same state as they are. 

Adventure has called my name and it’s time to answer the call. 
Have a blessed day!


PS: stay tuned…

One Month – July 7th


One Month. One month sometimes seems like a long amount of time. But in my case one month is more of a short amount of time. And it’s scary and exciting all at the same time. The emotions overflow, and yet there are no tears, just sometimes fear. But if this year is supposed to be about adventure I can’t live in fear, I have to be brave. So one month until life changes, until a season closes and a new season opens…

Have a blessed day!


Grand Canyon – June 1st

The Grand Canyon is really as stunning as you would expect! It makes you feel so small and the colors and clouds and sunsets and sunrises are just spectacular! If you can visit, you should. 

Have a blessed day!


PS. On a side note, I stayed at a lodge in the Grand Canyon National Park. They told me when I checked in that they were having issues with there cable not working and apologized. My thought was who goes to the Grand Canyon to watch TV! 

Changes – May 29th

Sometimes life just changes. And it can be scary and make you be brave all at the same time. My life has been that way for the last few months. From taking my very first solo road trip from Southwest Missouri all the way out to Phoenix, Arizona. Along the way my car broke down and I ended up having to spend an extra day in New Mexico, but it was still and awesome trip. I got to see the Grand Canyon and so many cool things along the way. So the brake down was just a small bump in the road. 

This year I did something I don’t usually do, I prayed through choosing a word for the year in January and finally felt lead that my word would be Adventure, hence the aforementioned road trip. What I didn’t realize was that after picking that word how much my willingness to be on an adventure would be put to test. 

On May 5th we had a all plant meeting where I work, just something that we normally do when they want to tell us something. Well, this meeting was not what any of us expected. It was a meeting to tell us we would all be loosing our jobs and that the place I work would be closed and production moved to our sister locations out of state. It was shocking, and I was told I would not have a job after August 7th. I’m not going to lie, tears were shed. And then my mind was racing with so many questions. What am I going to do? 

Now my thoughts are do I stay here, or do I stay true to my word for the year and be adventurous. As I have prayed through the decisions that need to be made I have had the overwhelming feeling that I need to be adventurous. As scary as that is. And so for me the adventure is leading me somewhere I didn’t expect. More on that to come later because it hasn’t fully worked itself out yet. 

But even this week I was reminded by just how much we need to take life and live it even when it’s scary. I had a coworker who had just had their last day and was moving to a new job and she was in an accident on Memorial Day and she passed away. So this has reminded me that sometimes we live life far to safe and comfortable, which I have been so willing to do. So perhaps this door has been opened to stretch my faith and get me out of a rut. 

As always, thanks for listening to my ramblings. And for enjoying my photos. More to come on my adventure as it works itself out. 



Weekly Photo Challenge – Adventure


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Adventure! The idea is to take people of a adventure through your photos. I can do that!

If you would like to find out about the challenges or participate you can do that here.

The photo at the top was taken while on a road trip from Southwest Missouri to Chicago a couple weeks ago. It’s quite curvy and hilly in the Ozarks. And for most of the trip we were driving through rain and really heavy clouds and fog, but for about a minute we got to the top of a big hill and drove out of the clouds and there was the morning sunrise! Blue and pink and soft clouds, so beautiful and so unexpected. And then we drove back into the clouds and fog for the rest of the drive.


This picture was taken about a month ago. I have always wanted to go kayaking but have had much fear of it. Mostly the getting tipped over or getting lost. But on this day I decided to kick fear in the face and did it! And it was awesome!


And one more. This photo was taken down at the Chicago Lakefront at night. And that’s the adventure, I went down at night. I normally don’t do that. It was fun to walk along the trail and listen to the sounds of the city and hear wave crash, and then walk to close to the lake side of the trail and get drenched. Oops! But it was fun!

Have a blessed day!