Quiet Time – June 10th


Sometimes the best thing I can do after a long stressful day is to sit in front of the easel and paint. One of the things I love about creating is it quiets the soul and mind. Whether painting or photography or crafting it just frees my soul from the noise.


Here are a couple of things I have been working on. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Have a blessed evening!

Watercolors – June 2nd


I have taken up painting recently, watercolors mostly. It’s been a really fun learning experience and each painting gets better. On Sunday my pastor was talking about how if you don’t use your talents you loose them. So I work a little everyday growing my creative abilities. Don’t want to loose them anymore!







What do you think? Don’t be too harsh…

Have a blessed day!

Art Therapy – May 8th


Last night was a night for art therapy, after a day I wasn’t expecting but knew would come. I don’t know if you know this or not but I work in somewhat of a high stress job, and in the last several months it has just gotten worse and worse. And it has made me really rethink what I want and if I am doing what I love daily. And more and more that answer has been no. So I had planned to maybe downsize and move to an area where I could actually do what I want when my lease is up in September. I have been praying and planning and preparing with that specific timeline, but yesterday I had a wrench thrown in my plan. I didn’t loose my job like others did but now it is changing and has put me in a very precarious spot. It is the one thing I have discovered about God and my relationship with Him. He doesn’t like it when I plan, not that the plan is bad, but often times my plan puts Him in a box. A nice, neat, easy box. One where I can control everything. And everyday He proves that I don’t, I just don’t. And while He doesn’t always give me all the answers, He is just asking for me to trust Him. His plan is usually better then mine is anyway. All this to say, after yesterday’s news, I went to creativity instead of a pile of tears.


I will call this Art Therapy, or maybe stress relief.


All pieces were created with watercolors or markers. Art and creativity to me; at least; calm the turmoil in my soul.

Have a blessed day!

Art Project – May 2nd


Some of you know that I have been working on a art project for my house, so here is a little update. After asking you and some of my Facebook friends which back ground color they liked the most, I thought well I am just going to make this project bigger. Initially I was planning on just one canvas, but now I will have one Big canvas; which will have the white background that was so popular and several smaller canvas’ with different color backgrounds. I have spend the last couple days working on the smaller ones, two are done so far.


I am really, really excited about how they are looking. I am going to have a garden on my wall year around and it’s going to be movable. More pictures to come as more pieces are put together and I promise I will post a photo of it on the wall when it is complete. So to all of you who commented, thank you! It made me change my plans a little and that’s always good!

Have a blessed day!

Creating Art – March 24th


I have found this new creative blog called This Is Colossal. And it has inspired me to create a new art piece for my home. It is inspired by this art instillation . So over the weekend I was scouring old book stores and flea markets for books filled with photos of flowers and butterflies. And what you are seeing is the start of the process of removing the flora and butterflies from the pages. I have several more to go but I am excited about what it will look like soon. It will be worth sore hands.

I love creating things, whether it is watercolors or paper craft or beading or cooking. It’s all creating to me. It feeds my soul and removes stress. Recently one of the new things that I am doing is something called art journaling for Lent. It is a Facebook group and we share what we have created from the prompts we are given. It is lovely to see all the art and to create something that is related to Jesus. Loving it.

“You see things; and you say, Why? But I dream things that never were; and I say, Why not?” ~ George Bernard Shaw

“Creativity is contagious, pas it on.” ~ Albert Einstein

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.” ~ Robert Bresson

Go out and create something today!