Love Affair – August 21st


I have been having a love affair with all the lily’s that have been in bloom recently. They are stunning and smell heavenly. I snapped this beauty at the Chicago Botanical Garden last week. Heavenly place, and must visit for anyone who goes to Chicago during the spring and summer.

Have a blessed day!

Powell Gardens 3 – July 11th


A little close up if some of the water lily’s at Powell Gardens. I broke a rule by stepping out on the rocks to snap this shot. I’m such a rebel! Even more fun was the signs I saw after I walked away from this area. “Don’t climb on rocks, Snake habitat!” Oops!
Now had I seen those signs before I probably wouldn’t have climbed on the rocks. I really don’t like snakes, at all, yuck, yuck, yuck! But I suppose it was worth it to get a photo of the flowers.

Have a blessed day!

Powell Gardens 2 – July 9th


Another beautiful photo from my visit to Powell Gardens. They have this beautiful garden of water plants. One of the coolest things is they had plants, like succulents growing out of the walls around this particular garden. But there is this spot where you look out over some gorgeous water lily’s and listen to the sound of waterfalls. It was so beautiful, even though the day was kind of cloudy.

Have a blessed day!

Powell Gardens – July 8th


Sorry for not being on here very much lately. I’ve been so busy with work and life that there hasn’t been much time to blog. Forgive me!

Over the 4th of July holiday I had the chance to go see Powell Gardens. It is a beautiful botanical garden near Kansas City, Missouri. I had so much fun and so this week I will be posting photos from the trip.

Today’s photo was taken at the entrance to the garden, lovely! The sounds of the waterfall and the tropical plants were beautiful. But I loved the ceiling of this room, almost like the entire thing was a skylight. It let in this soft light that was so calming. I sat in this spot and enjoyed some yummy homemade blackberry ice cream that they have. So good!

Have a blessed day!

Patterns in Nature – May 16th


You know what I have noticed, some of the most beautiful patterns in the world are in nature. If you ever pay attention to the Iris, they all have different patterns depending on the color. In most cases it almost looks like a animal print. Beautiful! That’s my goal for today, to actually pay attention to the beautiful patterns in nature.
This photo was taken at or local botanical gardens. They have a garden dedicated to Iris’. It’s beautiful to see all these different varieties all together in one place.


Have a blessed day!

Happy 1st Day of Spring – March 20th


It’s the First Day of Spring!!! Can I get an Amen! I think this calls for a party, with flowers, food and some good iced tea.

By the way, this photo is taken in my favorite place at the Chicago Botanical Gardens. You just sit in this place and all you can hear are birds, bees and the fountain. It’s glorious! It is on my list of places to visit while I am there this summer for a visit. This place and so many others. Chicago is one of my favorite places, and holds a very special place in my heart.

My other favorite places is going and walking the neighborhood of Wicker Park and Bucktown, this is where my Mom and Dad grew up. It’s where they went to school, where they had community, it’s where they met. A couple years ago I actually got to go into the apartment where my Mom grew up because it was for sale. Maybe this year I will sit on those steps with my Mom and maybe my Grandpa and have a photo taken. Three generations all together in the place where it all started…

Have a very blessed day wherever you are, filled with warmth and joy and bright sunshine. Oh, and flowers too! 🌸🌷🌻🌺


Invitation – October 10th


Invitation by Harry Behn

Blue jay, fly to my windowsill!
Here’s suet and raisins, so eat your fill.
Not that I care for your scratchy call,
And I like your manners least of all,
But when you are hungry, the chickadees
Who ask so politely, please, please, please,
Are much too bothered by what you say-
So come have your breakfast, and fly away!