Invitation – October 10th


Invitation by Harry Behn

Blue jay, fly to my windowsill!
Here’s suet and raisins, so eat your fill.
Not that I care for your scratchy call,
And I like your manners least of all,
But when you are hungry, the chickadees
Who ask so politely, please, please, please,
Are much too bothered by what you say-
So come have your breakfast, and fly away!

Refreshing Weekend – September 3rd


It was a very refreshing weekend. I say that a little tongue in cheek because I am still a little bit sore from the move. But so excited to be in a new home, it’s beautiful! And still trying to wrap my head around the fact that it is September. Why does it feel like the years go by faster the older you get? Before I know it the leaves will be changing and the cool air will arrive. And as summer comes to a close I hope we will have a couple more days of beautiful weather, and that as the season comes to a close it will take my allergies with it.

Have a blessed day!