One Month – July 7th


One Month. One month sometimes seems like a long amount of time. But in my case one month is more of a short amount of time. And it’s scary and exciting all at the same time. The emotions overflow, and yet there are no tears, just sometimes fear. But if this year is supposed to be about adventure I can’t live in fear, I have to be brave. So one month until life changes, until a season closes and a new season opens…

Have a blessed day!


Lingering Thoughts – October 14th


So I have been really bad about posting here lately. Life has a way of getting in the way if you know what I mean. But wanted to share some photos from the summer that have been lingering in my mind, mostly because it has been cold and rainy here for the last couple of days.





I snapped all of these photos while on vacation in Chicago in August. Oh to go back to those warm days…

A girl can dream right?

Have a blessed day!


Chicago Was… – September 23rd


Chicago was beautiful to me while I was there, filled with people from all over the world, so many dreams dreamed, so many hopes. But I think In some ways the beauty of the city covers up some of it’s problems from the sadness and darkness of the city. And honestly when I lived there I don’t think I really noticed all the shootings and violence, but now I do and it’s shocking to me. I don’t even know why I am writing this post, I don’t even know why I care, and yet I do. Really hoping that one day Chicago will be the city of beauty it pretends to be, and a city that isn’t scared by violence.


These pictures bring me hope though. It is such a beautiful place. The starting place of my family and my story. I miss it, I do. But I don’t know that I will ever live in this great city again. And that in some ways make me sad, but also hopeful of what is to come. Even when I can’t see it.


Praying for peace not just in Chicago but all over the world. And in my soul as well…

Have a blessed day!

Colorful Fall – September 16th


Fall is always so colorful around here, mostly because our flowers are still in bloom because it is a warmer climate here. And I am so thankful for that. I love getting to walk through the gardens and them still have flowers growing.


I don’t know why I like this photo so much. I think it’s the contrast of the pretty soft pink flowers against the asphalt. One of my favorite combinations is something soft, like flowers, against something hard, like the asphalt. I took another photo this weekend that are these beautiful pink trumpet flowers with a background of windows with bars on them. But I will post that later.

Fall festivals are starting to get started here, we have Cider Days this weekend. It’s on historic Walnut Street and will have all those lovely foods that you eat at festivals like this, and cute little crafts, and bands. It’s going to be so much fun! And even more fun is that y favorite crafter is going to be there, she makes hand made soaps and paints these elaborate designs on pumpkins. Stay tuned for photos! And yes I know it’s only Tuesday, I’m just really excited!

Have a blessed day!

A Tribute to Memories and Remembering – September 11th


Today is such a hard day for so many people, sometimes there are just no words for the grief that can just be so consuming. Although I didn’t loose someone in the events that took place on 9-11-11, I just don’t think you can so the trauma of the event and not be affected by it in some ways.

For my family September 11th has a different meaning of loss. 10 years ago today my Grandma passed away from cancer. She was the light of our family, filled with kindness and joy. She loved everyone, always. No matter how much you messed up, she gave so much grace. She was the model for who I try to be everyday. I am so thankful to God for making her my Grandma.

For those of you who don’t know my Grandpa and Grandma raised me. My young life was full of turmoil because of a Father who had some major demons that eventually took his life and a Mom, who was trying to do the best she could possibly do for me. And it has taken many, many years for us to have a loving relationship and put the hurt and pain behind us. So when I ended up with my Grandparent’s at 2, it brought some much needed stability to my life.

As I grew up, my Grandma taught me so many things. Here are a few:

She taught me to respect everyone, no matter skin color, age, education level, etc.

She taught me to try new things, new foods, new activities, new friends.

She taught me to cook, clean and sew, I like to call it Loretta’s Wife In Training Class. And even though I’m not a wife YET, it has been so very helpful. Honestly, you have no idea how many buttons I sewed back on to clothes in College…

She taught me to love Jesus. Not just His word and who he was, but how to love Him with my life.

She taught me to be active and to exercise. She walked everywhere, I mean everywhere; shopping, school, restaurants; everywhere.

She taught me that I could do anything I wanted in life. She knew I was the creative one, that my life would be spent creating things. And she nurtured that and grew it.

So today, to anyone grieving a loss whether a fresh one or one you have lived with for some time. Know that you are seen, even if just by me. I pray that you will be filled with comfort, joy and happy memories of the people you have lost.

Have a very blessed day!

PS: the photo today is a tribute to my Grandma. She loved lily’s and so do I, so these are for her today.