Art Project – May 2nd


Some of you know that I have been working on a art project for my house, so here is a little update. After asking you and some of my Facebook friends which back ground color they liked the most, I thought well I am just going to make this project bigger. Initially I was planning on just one canvas, but now I will have one Big canvas; which will have the white background that was so popular and several smaller canvas’ with different color backgrounds. I have spend the last couple days working on the smaller ones, two are done so far.


I am really, really excited about how they are looking. I am going to have a garden on my wall year around and it’s going to be movable. More pictures to come as more pieces are put together and I promise I will post a photo of it on the wall when it is complete. So to all of you who commented, thank you! It made me change my plans a little and that’s always good!

Have a blessed day!