Temperature Breaking – February 9th

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It was gorgeous over the weekend! Two days worth of temperatures in the 70’s, and we broke records.


It Almost Doesn’t Look Real – May 5th


I took a late afternoon walk yesterday out at Lake Springfield, and I was struck by how green everything is right now. It almost doesn’t look real. It was so green and bright that it was almost blinding. But I was struck by how the sun made everything glow, this beautiful tall grass that kind of waves like the ocean. A sea of green.

Have a blessed day!

Lake Springfield Trails – March 17th


Oh, Lake Springfield Trails how I have missed you while you were covered in snow and ice. This place is so peaceful and quite. And you can see all the trees with little buds on them getting ready to be green and leafy very soon. Soon it will be filled with chirps of birds and fluttering butterflies and squirrels leaping from limb to limb. Soon my friends, soon…

Have a blessed day!

So Close – September 27th


I’m so excited, in a few shot days I will be in Minnesota for a week. Also, some of my relatives from Chicago arrive today for a short trip, and the weather is beautiful. So all in all it looks like its going to be a great weekend! I also found a recipe for making your own pumpkin purée, that’s right I’m that kind of crazy, making my own pumpkin purée for pies and such. But if that’s wrong I don’t want to be right!

Have a blessed day!

Monday starts with Sneezes – September 9th


I sit here at my desk, sniffling and sneezing. The pollen is so high that it no amount of allergy medicine will help. In fact it’s one of the only things I like about winter, because finally no pollen or mold or whatever else is out there. I’m a little bit whiny today, but at least it’s honest.
I do hope that wherever you are it is a glorious blue skied day. It is here in my corner of the world, just a lovely day. We have gotten to the season of beautiful and very colorful sunsets and sunrises. The last few evening have been absolutely spectacular. It is so nice to be able to see them from the second floor of the new house. I have to say, I dearly love who provided this place, and that even in the midst of a season of change he is never changing!

Have a very blessed day!

Lake Springfield – July 16th


There is this lovely spot at Lake Springfield where you can walk up and look out over the lake. It is beautiful and in the trees and you almost feel like you are on top of the world! It was quite when I went up this weekend, no one was up there, so I had the place all to my self. Even more fun was the activity of dragonflies zipping past me to places unknown!
Have a blessed day!