The Light Shines – April 17th


One of my new favorite captures. Makes me smile when I get something like this.

Have a blessed evening!

Perfect Light – April 3rd


Sometimes you snap a photo at the right time. Perfect lighting or reflection or action shot, and you just know. This is one for me. A little bit of comfort as we wait patiently for some strong storms that are expected today. There was already a tornado this morning in St. Louis, praying for all who have damage to their homes or cars. That’s the only thing that is not the best about living in Southwest Missouri, storms. And we get some bad ones, so you might say a prayer for all who are under warnings or watches today and tonight.

Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is The Golden Hour. I love this challenge! Mostly because I just love light an how to use it to make photography better.


I love how at these specific hours your pictures always have so much warmth. The golden glow of the sun is amazing.


Have a blessed day!