Good Morning – September 11th


Today is a sad day, not only for the families of all who died on this day in 2001, but for a much different reason for my family. On this day in 2004 a very much loved Grandma passed away after a very length battle with cancer. She was a hero in the lives of everyone in my family and so it seems quite fitting that she passed on a day that so many other Heroes passed too.
There is one tidbit from this day that will stay with me forever. My Grandparents had a very lengthy marriage, over 50 years. And on the day she passed after the hospice nurse left my Grandpa and Grandma had one of the most special moments of their marriage. She was having a rough day, very uncomfortable, and she was sitting on the couch. She got very cold so my Grandpa bundled her up with a blanket to warm her up. And he sweetly took her face in his hands and uttered these words that I will never forget, “you will always be my girl, the love of my life”. How comforting that must have been for her, soon after she slipped into eternity. Even now as I write this tears are feeling my eyes. She is so missed, but I know eventually I will see her again.
So wherever you are, whatever you are experiencing today, be it grief or joy, know that you are seen and loved.

Have a very blessed day everyone!

Ps. The reason for the Lily pictures is they were her favorite flowers and mine too.


Pipevine Swallowtail – July 31th


This my friend is the Pipevine Swallowtail, it is a little bit more rare in my area. And if I could tell you how excited I am that I was able to get some photos of this butterfly, I was giddy! I think the guy that was walking around the garden at the same time I was thought I was out of my mind. I was giggling and following the butterfly from flower to flower. Oh well!

Have a blessed day!

Lily Garden – July 24th


I love Lillies, they are my favorite flower. I so enjoy going to the Lily Garden and just sitting in the gazebo they have and sit in the atmosphere of it all. I have loved Lillies since I was a child. I can remember every Easter my Grandma would have these beautiful lily plants in her house. I can remember how much she just enjoyed them. And I can remember the sweet smell. I imagine I enjoy them so much because they remind me of her. So for me, every time I sit in that garden it makes me smile and remember good memories of childhood. May you be blessed with good memories today.

Have a blessed day!

The Sun’s Travels – July 23rd


The Sun’s Travels by Robert Louis Stevenson

The sun is not abed, when I
At night upon my pillow lie;
Still round the earth his way he takes,
And morning after morning makes.

While here at home, in shining day,
We round the sunny garden play,
Each little Indian sleepyheads
Is being kissed and put to bed.

And when at eve I rise from tea,
Day dawns beyond the Atlantic Sea;
And all the children in the West
Are getting up and being dressed.

Hiding in Plain Sight – July 23rd


There is a skipper butterfly hiding in plain sight in this photo. I was reviewing my photos from the weekend and that was when I noticed it. It was a really cool surprise. And it kind of reminds me just how much I go through like an don’t notice things. I am often times so consumed with things in life that I miss out on the still quiet little things that happen. I want to just sit and be awed by everything, from the laughter of children to little skipper butterflies. I hope that will happen for you today, that something will cause you to be filled with awe and wonder!
Have a blessed day!

The Sky Is Up Above The Roof – June 23rd


The Sky Is Up Above The Roof from France
by Paul Verlaine

The sky is up above the roof
So blue, so soft.
A tree there, up above the roof,
Swayeth aloft.

A bell within that sky we see,
Chimes low and faint;
A bird upon that tree we see,
Maketh complaint.

Dear God, is not life up there
Simple and sweet?
How peacefully are borne up there
Sounds of the street.