A Tribute to Memories and Remembering – September 11th


Today is such a hard day for so many people, sometimes there are just no words for the grief that can just be so consuming. Although I didn’t loose someone in the events that took place on 9-11-11, I just don’t think you can so the trauma of the event and not be affected by it in some ways.

For my family September 11th has a different meaning of loss. 10 years ago today my Grandma passed away from cancer. She was the light of our family, filled with kindness and joy. She loved everyone, always. No matter how much you messed up, she gave so much grace. She was the model for who I try to be everyday. I am so thankful to God for making her my Grandma.

For those of you who don’t know my Grandpa and Grandma raised me. My young life was full of turmoil because of a Father who had some major demons that eventually took his life and a Mom, who was trying to do the best she could possibly do for me. And it has taken many, many years for us to have a loving relationship and put the hurt and pain behind us. So when I ended up with my Grandparent’s at 2, it brought some much needed stability to my life.

As I grew up, my Grandma taught me so many things. Here are a few:

She taught me to respect everyone, no matter skin color, age, education level, etc.

She taught me to try new things, new foods, new activities, new friends.

She taught me to cook, clean and sew, I like to call it Loretta’s Wife In Training Class. And even though I’m not a wife YET, it has been so very helpful. Honestly, you have no idea how many buttons I sewed back on to clothes in College…

She taught me to love Jesus. Not just His word and who he was, but how to love Him with my life.

She taught me to be active and to exercise. She walked everywhere, I mean everywhere; shopping, school, restaurants; everywhere.

She taught me that I could do anything I wanted in life. She knew I was the creative one, that my life would be spent creating things. And she nurtured that and grew it.

So today, to anyone grieving a loss whether a fresh one or one you have lived with for some time. Know that you are seen, even if just by me. I pray that you will be filled with comfort, joy and happy memories of the people you have lost.

Have a very blessed day!

PS: the photo today is a tribute to my Grandma. She loved lily’s and so do I, so these are for her today.

Love Affair – August 21st


I have been having a love affair with all the lily’s that have been in bloom recently. They are stunning and smell heavenly. I snapped this beauty at the Chicago Botanical Garden last week. Heavenly place, and must visit for anyone who goes to Chicago during the spring and summer.

Have a blessed day!

Ruffles – June 25th


I love the soft ruffles that daylily’s have. Beautiful ruffled edges with petals that sparkle in the sun. It’s a beautiful time of the year.

In July I will be in Chicago for vacation, I’m getting really excited. The opportunity to be in that city and drink in the culture and sounds and sights. How exciting and how I need to break from busy life. But in the mean time I shall enjoy my lovely garden community and blue skies.

Have a blessed day!

My Happy Place – June 19th


Sitting in this place will be my happy place this summer. The pollen has finally dropped off and I don’t need to be stuck inside due to allergies. So now this place, and my favorite bike path will be my happy places. To enjoy nature and get a little sun on my skin, although not in massive amounts, I am a ginger after all!

I hope all of you find your happy place this summer or winter, depending on hemisphere you are in.

Have a blessed day!

Lily Season at the Garden – June 17th


It’s my favorite season, Lily season. The gardens are starting to get filled with them. A beautiful array of colors and fragrance. I love it!

One of the coolest things about living in Missouri is our vast array of wildflowers and plants and the sides of our roads are full of wildflowers of every size, shape and color. But my favorite are these gorgeous orange day lily’s that are everywhere! And I mean everywhere. It’s like driving through a garden of lily’s, Queen Anne’s lace, and Black-eyed Susan’s. Pictures just don’t do it justice. Oh, did I mention the pink Wild Roses. It’s joyous, and definitely one of my 100happydays things!

Have a blessed day!

Lily in the Garden – March 19th


Tomorrow is the first day of spring, and I am so excited! I am waiting patiently for all the gardens to be in full bloom. And the allergies are worth it so I can see beautiful things like this lily that I snapped while at the Chicago Botanical Gardens a summer ago. I can’t wait to go again, this summer, it’s one the list. Along with so many other things for spring and summer. So many new places to explore, so many new things to try, so much potential without fear holding me back this year. And warm weather, one of my favorite things.

Have a blessed day!

Except for You – November 25th


Except for You by Adelaide Love

Life, of its nature an uncertain thing,
Grows more precarious with each year’s end.
Tomorrow may be mine indeed to spend,
Or I may have but this one hour to sing.
Let me employ it, then, for telling of
The goodness and the beauty of my days
With you, and for recounting how your ways
With me brought peace of heart, and how your love
Has been my loaf, my cloak, my sheltering tree.
Attend my words, beloved, attend them well,
Remembering that what my lips would tell
My soul repeats, as priest their litany.
Except for you I had not known how near
To Eden one may bide, my very dear.