Epic Sunset – July 21st

Missouri has given me some epic, colorful sunsets the last couple of days. It’s like the sky knows. And it has been magnificent! 

So a little update to a post a few months ago about how my life is. I can finally say that on August 15th I pack my life into some shipping containers and move to Phoenix, Arizona! I am unbelievably excited and a little scared all at the same time. Moving is overwhelming and moving so far is really overwhelming. But it is absolutely the right decision, because as I have talked and prayed about it the question I kept getting was; If you stay where you are, will you be disappointed down the road? And every time that question got asked the answer was yes. So I am going, and it’s bittersweet because I can honestly say I have the best group of friends here a girl could ask for and an amazing church community. But the best part about friends is they will still be my friends even though I’m not in the same state as they are. 

Adventure has called my name and it’s time to answer the call. 
Have a blessed day!


PS: stay tuned…

Pictures of Fall – October 31st


Sometimes you just need to walk around among nature. It is probably the most peaceful place to be for me. It calms me and I can see the creator in nature. It’s beautiful…

I spend a lot of time enjoying nature. Whether warm or cold you sometimes just want to be outside. To feel a warm breeze on your face is heavenly after a cold winter. To see the beautiful designs of snowflakes, the freshness of new flowers that are in full bloom, the awesome display of colors at sunset. It’s just amazing sometimes.


Have a blessed day!

A Wall in the Woods – October 30th


So over the weekend my friends and I went on a hike in a state forest just south of where I live. It was so fun, our fall foliage has jut been amazingly colorful this year. And so it was fun to walk in the woods, to hear leaves rustle and have the smell of fall in your nose. You know the smell I am talking about, a combination of leaves and must. That and the combination of sound of leaves trampled under foot is once of the best parts of fall. Also, since this is southwest Missouri, it was like 85 degrees. So we walked and talked, and laughed. We stopped at a place where a underground spring bubbles up and cooled out feet in the water. And we breathed deeply the woods, and felt our souls relax from the crazy busy of our lives for a while. And all was calm and peaceful until we ran into a giant spider!


Would you look at that, isn’t that just the stuff of nightmares right there? Yup Missouri has GIANT spiders. By the way, that’s not my hand, I wouldn’t let that think touch me for a million dollars. Nope!

But back to the pretty fall foliage that will calm me down…


Have a blessed day!

Early Riser – October 25th


I actually got my bum out of bed early this morning, second weekend in a row. And thankfully I did, it was such a beautiful morning! It was foggy and everything was covered in dew. Had to share some of the lovely images with all of you.


The trees have been in rare form this year, just beautiful, and every color possible.


Have a blessed day!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Nighttime


This weeks Weekly Photo Challenge is Nighttime. I really don’t do much photography at night, but I found a couple photos in my library that were taken at night, so here they are. If you would like to find more info about the challenges or participate you can find it http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/nighttime/



All photos are from some of my favorite places. The first is from a late night walk along the Chicago lakefront and the other two are from Art Walk in downtown Springfield.

Have a blessed day!