Fall is Here! – September 25th


Fall has arrived, as evident by all things pumpkin being available. Ahh pumpkin! How I love you, those four pie pumpkins sitting on my counter speak to that. They are patiently waiting for me to turn on my oven, and roast them until they are nice and soft and then gut them, purée them, and bake them into delicious pies (Insert devious laugh). In all seriousness I make an awesome pumpkin pie! Dang it now I want pumpkin pie…

I am waiting for this spot to be awash with colors, reds, oranges, and yellows! We are seeing hints of it right now, a leaf here and there, but no trees completely transformed into fall color yet. I can’t wait, it’s going to be lovely, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

Have a blessed day!

A Nature Center Walk – May 15th


Took my first walk at the Nature Center this last weekend. It was beautiful and green. And as I stooped over to take a photo of some beautiful wildflowers I heard the sound of leaves rustling to my right. Didn’t pay to much attention but the I kept hearing the sound. When I finally did look to my right it was just in time to see a very large black snake coming down off the hill right next to that very pretty wildflower. I let out a scream and ran as fast as I could in the other direction! I don’t like snakes, at all! And by the time I saw this one it was the second one I had seen over the weekend and I had had my fill. I realize they are beneficial but I still don’t like them and will continue to not like them. Yuck!
All that to say, be careful out there. You never know when a snake might be right next to what you are taking a picture of.

Have a blessed day!

Fall, Glorious Fall – November 7th


I am seriously thinking I just need to do a fall series of photographs while we still have leaves on trees. I mean just to walk around in this area and enjoy the beauty of nature is so amazing! I have been just so captivated by it all, the colors have been awesome this year. Today photo was snapped walking at the Springfield Nature Center, hiking on the Long Trail. It was so beautiful and quite, I kept waiting to run into some deer by never did. I suppose they are all hiding since it is hunting season here in Missouri. I did see a huge turkey thought.

Have a blessed day!

Beautiful Butterflies, Series 16 – June 28th


Today’s butterfly is the Monarch Butterfly. It is a symbol of the states of Vermont, West Virginia, Minnesota, Texas, Alabama, Idaho, and Illinois. Wow, that’s a lot of states!


I saw my very first one of the season and I was so excited. Nothing, to me, reminds me more of summer then the Monarch.




Have a blessed day!